The Cabin Wellness Clinic


Owner / Certified Aromatherapist / Social Work Counsellor /            Reiki Master / Receptionist

Heather Moerman

Hi, I’m Heather Moerman.

I have helped people for twenty five years as a Social Worker and Manager. I am also a Certified Aromatherapist and for the past three years I have made scientifically researched blends. I’m also a Level 3 attuned Reiki practitioner.

I’m very pleased to offer individual counseling, aromatherapy and Reiki at the Cabin Wellness Clinic.

It is so important to me to assist folks in achieving their wellness goals and finding strategies that assist and work for them and their families.

I am a Compassion Fatigue Specialist, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, and Registered Social Worker.

I have trained and presented Wellness and Self-Care for fifteen years. I will facilitate groups such as those based on Brené Brown’s research, Wellness and Self-Care sessions, and Aromatherapy Learning.

I also provide Aromatherapy consults and personalized blends along with our line of amazing products available at the Cabin Wellness Clinic.

I am very proud to support our community.

Naturopathic Doctor 

Dr. Sunil Mam

I am a trained and licensed Naturopathic Doctor. I completed my Naturopathic Degree from the prestigious Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Toronto.

After twelve years of practicing licensed Dermatology in India, I chose to become a naturopathic doctor & it was an exciting decision of my career. I thoroughly enjoy my practice integrating research-based natural medicine knowledge with mainstream medicine to provide the most comprehensive care possible to my clients.

The approach of my treatment is a blend of clinical modalities which includes nutritional therapies, Traditional chinese medicine including acupuncture, botanical medicine, lifestyle counseling and homeopathy. I look forward to assisting patients at any stage in their journey towards well-being. I understand every client is unique, therefore focusing on the root of the issue not mere addressal of the symptoms. I can help patients holistically treat their health concerns & support individuals in their pursuit of overall well-being.

Registered Nurse 

Jenn Johnson


My name is Jenn Johnson, and I am a Registered Nurse with over 14 years of experience in the ER. I am so very excited to join The Cabin in their pursuit of total body wellness. I offer IV hydration, vitamin infusions, as well as health education and assessments. Book Today to see how we can get you to feel your best..

Fun fact about me, I have written a book on nursing intuition!

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Cindy Mueller 

Hi I am Cindy Mueller, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and owner of Fishersville Greenhouses and The Canadian Ginger Company.

After personally battling with a rare autoimmune disease for five years, I took things into my own hands and began my journey to health. What started out as a personal project fuelled by the frustration of failed treatments, quickly turned into a passion to help others through similar afflictions. I live what I have learned every day. My wish is to support you through the ups and downs of your own journey with knowledge, understanding and compassion.

I provide my clients with the tools needed to take a preventive and proactive approach to their health, by identifying the source of nutritional deficiencies and outside factors affecting wellbeing. Regardless of developments in medicine and health sciences, wholesome food remains one of the most essential elements of health and wellness. I am qualified to provide individualized holistic recommendations of quality whole foods, lifestyle changes, and supplements on an as-needed basis. Though my specialty is autoimmune skin health, I can help you with a myriad of health issues such as, weight loss resistance, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, anxiety and changing your mindset to accomplish any health goal.

Social Work Counsellor 

Tania Clatsoff

Hi, I’m Tania Clatsoff.

I have helped people for over fifteen years in the field of social work. I have worked in a hospital setting, long term care and in child welfare. I have a Bachelor of Arts from Western University; a Bachelor of Social Work from McMaster University and a Master of Social work form the University of Calgary. My clinical experience has included working with people who have experienced trauma, attachment issues, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. I have also worked with individuals experiencing separation and loss, and parenting issues.

I am very pleased to offer individual counseling at the Cabin Wellness Clinic. I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals by providing an individualized therapy experience in a compassionate and safe setting. My toolbox has a wide range of therapeutic approaches to help you develop skills to manage life’s stressors, find and set healthy boundaries, and maintain your motivation and balance.I have lived in Haldimand Norfolk for most of my life and I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful community.

Registered Massage Therapist

Taylor Baird

Taylor is a Registered Massage Therapist, in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO). She has been practicing since November 2018, after completing her diploma from Mohawk College. Taylor has always had a strong passion for the human body. She grew up playing competitive sports, which is what led her to going for regular massage therapy treatments herself for her aches and pains. She instantly fell in love with how massage therapy helped her, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally, and wanted to be able to provide the same healing to others.Taylor enjoys providing both medical-based treatments, as well as relaxation treatments. Whether you are looking to heal aches and pains or just to de-stress and relax, Taylor is looking forward to meeting you and coming up with a treatment plan that best suits you. Whether her client prefers deep-tissue massage or a lighter pressure, she is always prepared to provide the best treatment for her client. Taylor’s goal while treating, is to provide the appropriate techniques to encourage improvement of body mechanics and quality of life. She strongly believes that massage therapy is a valuable tool in healing and maintaining optimal health – in all aspects of life - physically, mentally, and emotionally. She is very blessed to be a part of the amazing team here at The Cabin Wellness Clinic.Taylor is a big homebody. She has lived in Haldimand County her entire life. In her spare time, she loves being outdoors, especially being by/on the water, listening to music, and spending quality time with her family, friends and furry friends!

Registered Massage Therapist

Christine Pearce

Hello! My name is Christine and I live in Haldimand Community with my two children. I have worked in Health Care for over 20 years and made the change to Massage Therapy, graduating in 2020. Since I was stuck in a holding pattern not being able to complete my final examination to become a Registered Massage Therapist, I dove into the world of Aesthetics and became an aesthetician. I am hopeful to be adding in more aesthetic services as soon as I can at The Cabin!


Chiropractor / Acupuncturist

Dr Jenna Casuccio

Hi, I’m Dr. Jenna!

As a child who experienced growing pains, Dr. Jenna grew up benefiting from chiropractic care. Her commitment to helping others compelled her to complete her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2017, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture certification in 2018, and Webster pelvic pregnancy technique certification in 2019.

Dr. Jenna is excited to provide Haldimand County with effective and compassionate quality healthcare. She offers diversified chiropractic care, featuring both traditional manual hands-on adjustments, as well as cutting-edge Sigma computerized technology which allows her to perform instrument-assisted adjustments without the bending, popping and cracking.  Using a neuro-functional chiropractic approach improves patients' health by removing interference to the nervous system.  Chiropractic care allows the body to heal, and provides the positive input that is required to bring the body back to its natural, optimal function.

Registered Massage Therapist

Rita Kutepova

I have always been amazed at how many aspects of being can be affected by massage. From mental and emotional realms to the way it can help your body move easier in the society where our lives are met with stress almost every step of the way, from work to our homes. I try to treat others very much the way I approach my own body with respect and wonder, taking into consideration the current stage of your being on that particular day when you come to see me. I strongly believe that bodies are happiest and healthiest when they are able to move freely and often. At the end of my treatments I am always happy to suggest meaningful and specific therapeutic exercise that you will be able to easily follow at home, as well as giving any advice that might pertain to postural or positional changes during your day to day activities.


I would describe my style of pressure as medium – deep, however I enjoy giving soft relaxing treatments as well. Swedish massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Positional release as well as dynamic release, muscle energy techniques and joint mobilizations are my main practice tools. My education allowed me to gain confidence in treating high risk pregnancy patients at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto. I especially enjoy doing prenatal massages, having a valuable opportunity to help women in such exciting and for some, challenging (physically and emotionally) time when the body changes so rapidly to accommodate for the growing baby. Cupping therapy and hot stone massage are also available. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you along your journey towards well-being, hoping to offer you a safe and relaxing atmosphere where you can take a few moments from the daily grind.

Oracle and Tarot Card Reader / Manager

Lauren Moerman

Hiya! I'm Lauren 

I grew up in the outskirts of Selkirk, by the lake, that was when I first grew my deep appreciation for nature and it’s beauty. Many people know me as The Cabin’s receptionist, I have been the receptionist for a year and a little bit now, and I absolutely love it! I love helping our community, connecting with clients through my reception work, building friendships with the staff, and now helping clients through my card readings! I am very excited and happy to share with you why I fell in love with Oracle and Tarot cards. 

From a young age, I have had an intense connection with the universe. My abilities allow me to pick up information and feelings from people. I am still learning how to fully use my gifts, I want to help provide you with the information you’re seeking whether it be answers regarding your present, past or future. It’s been my experience that many have the knowledge they seek deep within them, and simply need the right spiritual guidance to find the answers that have buried inside.