The Cabin Wellness Clinic


Holistic Nutrition

Our Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Cindy, can provide clients with the tools needed to take a preventive and proactive approach to their health, by identifying the source of nutritional deficiencies and outside factors affecting wellbeing. Cindy can help you with a myriad of health issues such as, weight loss resistance, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, anxiety and changing your mindset to accomplish any health goals.
These services are also offered over a video call!
If you have any questions about this service please feel free to call or email us!
Initial Assessment 

 Our Registered Nutritionist talks with you to gain knowledge and understanding of your needs and creates a plan catered to you! 90 minutes 


First Follow-up

Our Registered Nutritionist talks and sees how your individual plan is coming along and if there is anything further to be worked out. 60 minutes


Ongoing Follow-up

45 minutes