The Cabin Wellness Clinic


Registered Nursing Treatments

A nursing assessment is a process where a nurse gathers, sorts and analyzes a patient's health information using evidence informed tools to learn more about a patient's overall health, symptoms and concerns
If you have any questions about this service please feel free to call or email us!

15 minute Assessment 

 15 minute short assessment and to ask any questions! This can be done over the phone as well.


Initial Assessment 

 30 minutes assessment appointment where our RN assess your overall health and help create a specific plan tailored to you! (Can be paired with IV Therapy)


Nursing Follow-up Appointment 

 20 minutes appointment where our nurse checks in on how your are doing and how the treatment plan is coming along.


Palliative Care Initial Consult

 60 minutes appointment where our RN listens to your issues and creates a treatment plan catered to your needs and wishes.


Aqualead Healing

 20 minutes appointment that extinguishing toxins and negative energy with the intent to heal Mother Earth and all of mankind