The Cabin Wellness Clinic


Spiritual Healing

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Generational Healing  

Through the healing sessions we clear past generational trauma and wounds within your ancient bloodline, that you inherently carry and experience from the moment of birth. During your Generational Healing®️ session, you will lay down comfortably in a peaceful, quiet, healing space. I will connect with one of your ancestors from your generational lineage, working with her/his energy, hearing what needs healing and provide the desired healing so you can be freed from generational inherent trauma and pain. 60-75 minute session


Past life Regression  

Past Life Regression is a holistic, natural an safe inner journey that brings to the surface memories from the past which relate to your learning and spiritual growth. During a Past Life Regression you have the opportunity to experience and heal what your soul desires, to unlock previous trauma and create a new, safe and empowered reality. Your reflection upon the past could bring meaning, understanding and insight to the present life, and guide you to consciously create your future experiences. 2 1/2 hour session