The Cabin Wellness Clinic


The Cabin Tuck and Gift Shop 

Art, crafts, decor, woodwork, aromatherapy, bath bombs, crystals, and much more can be found within our Tuck and Gift shop!
All the items found within are made from local vendors around Haldimand/Norfolk area, support local to keep local business thriving.
Here are some examples of the items;

Our Vendors 

Here is a list of all the vendors we currently have at The Cabin Tuck and Gift Shop.
  • Active ReLeaf

  • Beachwood Cabin

  • Bear Friend Factory

  • Blends Aromatherapy 

  • Crafts by Diane 

  • Cuddles and Bling

  • Debbie's Design's

  • Missy's Delights

  • HBR Creations

  • Haldimand Wax Works

  • Luna Creations

  • J Birds Creations 

  • Jen Stone 

  • Joanne Dowd

  • Kasey's Kraft

  • Kim Bliek

  • Laura Lee Audit

  • Linda's Handknits 

  • Lauren Moerman

  • Mariana's Chocolate 

  • Miracle's Creations 

  • Mystical Scents 

  • My Sweet Sweet World Chocolate 

  • Paintings by Linda 

  • RG Rustic Creations 

  • RK Wood

  • Sew Thoughtful (MCW)

  • Sweet Teas

  • The Witch Down the Road 

  • This and That by Pam 

  • Watkins